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Camino de Santiago resources – easy to find and navigate

In the last 5 years, Camino de Santiago has become a part of our life. We have walked many different routes and written a lot of content dedicated to the Camino (45 to be exact including this one). We created this resource page to make it easier for you to find the right content. On this page, all our Camino posts are divided into relevant groups so you can quickly find what you’re looking for instead of spending time scrolling down the screen on our menu page.

A bright yellow arrow and shell on a blue tile
On this page, you can find many Camino de Santiago planning resources

General Camino de Santiago posts

In this section, you can find our general Camino de Santiago resources for planning your pilgrimage walk.

A lighthouse on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago
A metal Camino sign with a yellow arrow on the Litoral Way of the Portuguese Camino

Preparing for the pilgrimage

Preparation is essential to a successful Camino walk, especially if you have never done hiking or long-distance walking. Training, planning the route, and choosing the best time for walking will help minimize stress during the pilgrimage.

A yellow arrow indicating the Camino route through the vineyard in Spain
A yellow arrow marking the Camino route

Packing tips for the Camino de Santiago

After spending months walking different Camino routes in different seasons we have created resources to help you to decide what to take with you on the pilgrimage.

A big blue sign with a yellow shell and arrow indicating the Camino de Santiago route
A Camino sign on the Litoral Way of the Portuguese route from Porto

The Portuguese Camino de Santiago resources

We have been living in Portugal for the last two years, giving us easy access to the Portuguese Camino de Santiago. As a result, we’ve created several posts on the route. We’ll continue exploring this beautiful route and writing more content that hopefully can help you plan your walk.

A metal Camino sign with arrows in Portugal
A metal Camino sign indicating the two route options of the Camino de Santiago

Planning resources for the Camino Frances

The Camino Frances is by far the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago. Tenth of thousands of pilgrims walk it every year. In this section, you can find some planning resources for the French route. We haven’t dedicated as much time to this route as to the Portuguese Camino but we definitely will in the nearest feature.

A metal plaque with a shell and arrow on the Camino de Santiago
Sometimes in cities and towns, the Camino de Santiago is marked with metal plaques on the ground

Other Camino de Santiago routes

We have walked 9 different Camino routes some of them more than once (parts of some routes to be exact). Here you can find planning resources for most major routes in Spain and for some off-the-beaten-path trails.

Two blue tiles on the wall of the house; one with a yellow arrow and one with a shell
The main Camino routes are marked with yellow shells and arrows from the start to the end

Plan your stay in Santiago de Compostela

Here are some ideas to help you plan your stay in Santiago de Compostela after completing the pilgrimage.

Our YouTube channel

You can find many Camino de Santiago videos on our YouTube channel. We publish new videos on a regular basis if you don’t want to miss updates subscribe to our channel.

Questions or Comments?

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Scott Pyne

Saturday 11th of May 2024

Hello, we have enjoyed your straight forward information website for our planning. We need your expertise in choosing a section. We are planning to go early October 2024, we are Canadian retirees with some physical limitations (would need luggage transfers, some foot problems…). We are good for 15 kms per day, and love the outdoors, history, quaint towns. Is there a 100-150 km section you think is the most scenic/uplifting. We are not hung up on ending in Santiago unless you feel that is critical. Your expert advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott & Helen

Stingy Nomads

Tuesday 14th of May 2024

Hello Scott. Thank you for the comment. I think the first half of the Central Route of the Portuguese Camino from Porto. If you'd like to walk along the coast I'd suggest the Coastal Route of the Portuguese Camino. The Central Route has more historical towns and forest, the Coastal Route has nice towns as well as beaches. Early October is a good time to walk either of them. The weather is usually good till mid-October then it gets rainy. Both routes of the Portuguese Camino have good infrastructure for pilgrims, many albergues, and guesthouses. It won't be difficult to break up your the route into 15-kilometer days. We prefer the first half of the route because many people walk the last 100 km to Santiago and the second part gets very busy. We're working on the planner for the Portuguese Camino where you can choose the desired distance and route and get a customized itinerary for free. It should be finished by July. Buen Camino

Brendan Jenkins

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Alya & Campbell, We experienced the Camino Frances from late September 2023 to the end of October. We were in need of ideas, advice, detailed information and common sense explanations as my wife,Susan, a friend, and I, would be pushing/pulling our daughter, Tessa, in her GRIT wheelchair. Your easy to read and understand site is the best we saw (and we researched a lot) about the Camino. Everything you said about accomodation, the trail, equipment turned out to be spot on. Thank you for sharing your experiences. buen Camino Tessa, Susan & Brendan Jenkins with Kristian - 'The OG Camino"

Stingy Nomads

Monday 12th of February 2024

Hello Brendan. Thank you very much for your feedback. Your words mean a lot to us. It's inspiring to know that our Camino guides help fellow pilgrims. Congratulations on competing the route with your daughter. Well done! It's a great achievement. All the best

tricia chiariello

Sunday 28th of January 2024

I was planning on staying at Armenteira, a friend stayed last year for $115, now its showing either sold out, or 7 day minimum on their site.Apparently the monastery doesnt book in advance, any suggestions where to stay in the area or further on...thanks

Stingy Nomads

Monday 29th of January 2024

Hello. They have special tariff for pilgrims but you can't book it in advance. You can just come there and ask if there is anything available. They don't admit pilgrims in July, August, September, Easter Week, and Christmas. If you're planning to walk these months then you can't stay in the monastery. There are other places to stay in Armenteira including the public albergue and a couple of guesthouses. You can find more detailed information on the Spiritual Variant and a list of places to stay in this post If you want to arrive in Armenteira early enough to get a room in the monastery you can split the stage and stay one night in Combarro, it's a beautiful small town about half way and next day to continue to Armenteira. Buen Camino


Saturday 23rd of September 2023

This might sound silly but my biggest concern about the Camino is the bed bugs. Are they inevitable? Is there anyway to avoid them totally?

Stingy Nomads

Saturday 23rd of September 2023

Hello Jennifer. Thank you for the comment. We've walked many Camino routes and had bedbugs only once or twice. One time it was really bad the other I just got a bite or two. Both times were on the Camino Frances which I walked in September the end of the season. Most albergues do big clean up in winter before the new season. If you walk early in the season the chances of getting bedbugs are a lot smaller. If you stay in smaller private albergues you are less likely to get bedbugs as well. We have never had bedbugs in hotels on the Camino de Santiago. When staying in albergues we always keep out backpacks closed and away from beds. If you have any bites in the morning make sure to carefully check your stuff before packing. If no bites it means there are no bedbugs. Buen Camino

Rui Sagres

Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

Olá temos um hostel no caminho Português e gostaríamos de ter a nossa informação nos vossos guias

Stingy Nomads

Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

Hello Rui. We don't advertise any hotels or services in our posts. If we find it suitable we can add it to our PDF with a list of accommodation. Cheers

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.