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Camino de Santiago Gift Ideas for Pilgrims 2024

Walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain is a life-changing experience. Many people plan the journey for years and pilgrims that have walked the Way obsess over the experience, often planning to walk a different Camino Route. If you have a friend or family member that have walked to Santiago de Compostela or are planning their first El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage we share some gift ideas that Camino de Santiago pilgrims will love. This list of gift ideas includes practical gifts for future pilgrims and Camino de Santiago memorabilia that fellow pilgrims cherish.

puzzle, camino magnets, scallop shell, camino magnet
Some gift ideas for pilgrims who walked the Camino de Santiago.

Gifts for Future Pilgrims

For the ultimate list of practical gifts at a wide budget range read through our complete Camino Packing List. Consider all practical gifts very carefully. Pilgrims pack super light and most pilgrims only realize on the way that every gram counts, it is then that everything gets left behind that is not crucial, going as far as ripping out unnecessary pages from guidebooks.  

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Camino Guide Book

There are many different guidebooks available for all Camino Routes. The books written by John Brierly are the most popular by far and a fantastic gift for any future pilgrim. The books are small (and light) with a ton of practical information. These guidebooks are great for planning and to carry with you on your pilgrimage. 

Camino Portuguese Guide Book
John Brierley Camino Portuguese Guide Book

Merino Wool Socks

On our first Camino pilgrimage, we discovered how amazing Merino wool socks are. Whoever receives this fantastic gift will be very thankful on the Way. These socks keep your feet dry and just do not become smelly. See our Guide to Socks for the Camino de Santiago.

buen camino badge, toe socks, hiking socks
Buen Camino Patch | Injinji 5 Toe Sock Liner | Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Injinji Toe Sock Liners

Injinji’s five-toe design sock liners for hikers are very popular on the Camino de Santiago and are a great present. These toe socks prevent blisters & hotspots while hiking. The liners are thin and are often worn under another pair of socks such as the Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks. Injinji Toe Sock Liners

Microfiber Travel Towel 

A light, quick dry microfiber towel is an item we pack for every Camino. These super absorbent towels take a lot less space than a standard towel and dry very fast. A must-have item on any Camino experience. Microfiber Travel Towel

4 quick dry towels
Microfiber Towels

Rechargeable LED Head Lamp

Most pilgrims often start walking before the sun is up, we always take a headlamp with us. This headlamp has a red light, which is great not to disturb other pilgrims in the albergue at night. The lamp is rechargeable with a USB cable and lasts about 15 hours on one charge (should last the whole Camino on one charge). Rechargeable LED Head Lamp

BUFF UV Neck Gaiter (Balaclava, Bandana, Face Mask)

This multifunctional piece of headwear is a versatile, scarf-like piece of fabric, used for biking, hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. It wicks away sweat and protects your skin from the wind and sun. Buff scarf/Headwear

Rain Poncho

light waterproof rain poncho is the best option to keep yourself and your backpack dry walking long distances in the rain. An affordable, practical gift that first-time pilgrims might not think about packing.

Buen Camino Patch

Buen Camino is the greeting used on the Camino de Santiago between pilgrims, you will also hear many other people greet you this way when you walk past them. “Buen Camino” means good road or good path in Spanish, referring to both the physical and spiritual path. Stitch or iron a Camino de Santiago Buen Camino Patch on your backpack to identify you as a pilgrim. 

Camino Scallop Shell from Galicia

The scallop shell is the iconic symbol of the Camino de Santiago, the way of Saint James. Pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela can be identified by a scallop shell attached to the backpack.  The shells and arrows mark the path of pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. There are plenty of stories regarding the origin of the scallop shell as a symbol of the Camino de Santiago. It is said that pilgrims had to hand their scallops to clergymen in Santiago de Compostela as proof of completion of their pilgrimage. Galician Scallop Shell with the Cross of St James

3 Osprey Backpacks
Osprey Backpacks – Sirrus 36L | Exos 38L Stratos 36L

Osprey Backpack

A Backpack is a personal item, but I would certainly not mind if someone surprised me with an Osprey Stratos Backpack. See our complete guide on backpacks for the Camino de Santiago.

The Osprey Stratos 36 is an excellent hiking backpack that pretty much ticks every box for a Camino de Santiago backpack.

What I love about the Osprey Stratos is its comfort, Layout, and Access.

Gift Card

You can never go wrong when buying an Amazon Gift Card as a gift to say good luck to a future pilgrim!

Camino de Santiago Memorabilia

Pilgrim souvenirs and memorabilia are always good gifts. Here are some great Camino de Santiago gift ideas to remind pilgrims of their fantastic journey. Books are a great gift, I have read many stories and memoirs based on the Way of St James and some of these books brought back some fond memories of special places on St James Way. Fridge magnets, bumper stickers, key rings, and other souvenirs with Camino themes can also be a nice affordable gift. 

Camino Books


PILGRIM: Finding a New Way on the Camino de Santiago by Carolyn Gillespie is a fun, authentic pilgrim memoir.  A day-by-day account of Kari´s whole 40-day pilgrimage on the French Way will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the Camino de Santiago. If you are still planning your Camino Frances journey you will learn a lot about the Camino from this book and for experienced pilgrims it is guaranteed to bring back some great memories and plenty of smiles. 

The Only Way is West is a humorous pilgrimage story of a 20-something British guy walking the Camino Frances and Camino Finisterre searching for a mysterious girl he hopes will be waiting for him on the way. Bradley´s memoir tells his Camino story; his decision to walk the Camino, and all about the walking, the blisters, and the people he meets on the way. A funny story, written from the perspective of a younger person. People interested in the Camino or planning to walk will get a good idea of the pilgrimage from this memoir. 

Galician Scallop Shell and 2 books, The Only Way West, Pilgrim
Galician Scallop Shell | The Only Way is West | Pilgrim

Camino Guidebook

The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook – A great book to learn about Spain, its historical background, and the culture of the regions walked during the Camino. Maybe a bit big and heavy to carry along The Way as a Camino guidebook. A great reference book to have at home with information about the architecture, history, folklore, and more of each town on the Camino Frances. 

St James Santiago Pilgrimage Rosary

A beautiful souvenir of the spirit of the Camino, a rosary with metal shell beads, a large seashell center with a carving of the St. James Crucifix on the front and the image of St. James on the reverse. St James Santiago Pilgrimage Rosary

Souvenir Camino Fridge Magnet

I like this Camino fridge magnet saying Buen Camino with a backpack, hiking boots, and all the well-known Camino de Santiago symbols. Magnets are very nice thoughtful gifts for pilgrims. 

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