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Work with Stingy Nomads

We are Campbell and Alya, the South African/Russian couple behind the adventure travel blog, Stingy Nomads. We met on the road in 2014, about forty countries later we are married and still on the road! Want to know more about us?

The website was created in 2015 while we were on the road and has been growing ever since.

Our emphasis is placed on experiencing the great outdoors and adventure activities,  sharing amazing places and experiences with our readers. We give detailed accounts with specifics that are easy to follow. We have built a loyal audience over the world that trust our articles and we correspond with many of our readers on a daily basis, giving travel advice.

We  work with established companies and promote destinations and activities through storytelling and photography.

Why work with us?

Over 75% of our traffic is organic, readers planning a trip or specific activities and searching for information online. Obviously this is an excellent place to advertise! More than 10% of our readers are direct, going directly to our website a source they trust and can interact with to find information.

Our unique skill set allows us to inspire our readers with stories of our adventures and  beautiful photo/videography of authentic experiences.

With over 170 000 monthly views and plenty of interaction we will get your message out there!

To maximize Stingy Nomad’s audience reach and engagement, our content is shared across multiple social media platforms including  InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

How To Work With Stingy Nomads

Press Trips

Promotion of your destination or activities to our audience, through the use of articles, photography, videography and social media.

Do you have a campsite that you want to promote or maybe an underwater activity, hiking trail or adventure activity you want the world to know about? We have plenty of  expertise in how to create content in these environments.

Brand Ambassadors

Representing your brand and products and promoting it through our website and social media channels.

On top of the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus, Russia
It was a hard climb to the top of the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus, Russia

Who reads Stingy Nomads?

We get more than 170 000 page views per month from readers of over 160 countries.


  • Under no circumstances, we’ll publish a sponsored post or a guest posts on our blog.
  • We DON’T offer do-follow links to any websites neither paid nor free.
  • We DON’T answer personal questions regarding trip planning, travel tips, etc. If you do have some, please, comment below a relevant blog post.

All e-mails containing any of these inquiries will be ignored.  

Thank you! 

This e-mail is ONLY for working proposals, no personal inquiries, please!

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