Siete Tazas national park, Chile
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Siete Tazas park. A secret paradise in Chile

If you like camping, hiking, being in the wild and observing the nature you should definitely go to Siete Tazas park. We didn’t know about this place, it is not very famous outside Chile. Luckily in Pichilemu we met a very nice couple Paula and Michael and they invited us to go here with them. We had no  expectations thought it was just a quite place somewhere in the forest. Imagine our surprise when we arrived at Siete Tazas park! The place is absolutely amazing and beautiful, natural pools with crystal clear water, waterfalls, canyons, surrounded by mountains and forest. Definitely recommended to visit if you are in Chile.

Siete Tazas (seven pools) cascade in the canyon, Chile
Siete Tazas (seven pools) cascade in the canyon, Chile

What is Siete Tazas park?

The main attraction is river Claro, the canyon it flows through, with natural pools, terraces and caves. The river comes down from the mountains and its water is freezing. Nevertheless the temperature the temptation to swim is too strong! Bright turquoise water is absolutely incredible.

Siete Tazas (seven cups) is named after 7 pools or cascades in one of the canyons.

In 2010 after the earthquake the pools dried out but luckily after couple of months they recovered. On summer holidays (January, February) and specially on weekends it gets quite busy, better to go there in a week.

Canyon, Siete Tazas, Chile
Alya jumping into cold turquoise water of the canyon, Siete Tazas park, Chile

Trekking paths:

Sendero los Cipreses, nice walk through the forest, from time to time the path gets close to the river Claro, where you can swim or just rest in a shadow.

Sendero interpretativo Salto de la Leona, for me was the most impressive trail, couple lookouts over the canyon, here you can see Siete Tazas, seven unreal cascades with turquoise color water, absolutely stunning view! Further you’ll have one more impressive view over the valley and the waterfall Salto de la Leona, from the viewpoint you can go down all the way to Salto de la Leona pool and refresh in its crystal clear water or just relax on the beach.

El Coigüe, a short trail heads to a very big tree (coigue), beautiful tree, impressive size. Around it you can find some dry branches to make a fire at the camping.

Salto de la Leona, Siete Tazas park, Chile
Salto de la Leona, Siete Tazas park, Chile

You can do longer multiday hikes in the area, more info about it you can find here.

How to get to Siete Tazas park?

Siete Tazas is located near town Molina, about 200km from Santiago. In all three months in Chile we never took a bus only hitchhiking and it always was great, so our advise is to hitch. We got to the park by car with our friends from Pichilemu, surfcapital of Chile (where we got hitchhiking from Santiago). If hitchhiking is not your cup of tea you can catch a bus from Alameda bus terminal in Santiago (metro station Universidad de Santiago) to Molino. The journey takes about 2,5-3 hours, buses leave every hour from 8 am to 8 pm. Once at Molina bus station catch another bus to Parque Ingles.

Where to stay in the park?

We stayed right inside the park at Valle de Las Catas camping, the main advantage if you stay there you pay only for camping the entrance fee is included in the price. There are some small pools right in the camping area where you can swim. Camping is 7000pesos/10$ per person, the area is very beautiful and spacious, every place has its own fireplace, table and benches, tap with running water (it’s drinkable). There are as well toilets and hot water showers. There is a small shop near the reception where you can buy some food, snacks, pastry, fruit and vegg. Of course due to its remote location everything is very expensive, buy all the food in a supermarket Molinos.

Campsite Valle de las Catas, Siete Tazas, Chile
Campsite Valle de las Catas, Siete Tazas, Chile

Entrance fee

For Chileans 2500pesos, for foreigners 5000pesos.

What can you see in Siete Tazas park?

We saw some birds and cows but apparently you can see some wild animals there, like fox, pudu, skunk (wouldn’t like to meet with it) and even puma. Concerning birds there are condors, eagels, falcons, woodpeckers, ducks and many other smaller birds.

After two days in Siete Tazas we kept hitchhiking south towards Villarrica and had some interesting camping experience at the gas station, yes in Chile it’s possible to camp on the lawn, right in front of a gas station and even have wi-fi in the tent.

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  1. Madeline Sikkema

    Do you have to pre order the bus tickets or can you buy them on the spot?

    • Stingy Nomads

      Hello, Madeline! We can’t say anything about the bus because we hitchhiked all the way from Santiago. Usually you can pay on the bus but if it’s weekend or holiday time it might be full.

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