Sunset on the Amazon River

Amazon boat trip by slow boat

An Amazon River Cruise is an amazing adventure that can be done in many different ways and on just about any budget. In this article we look at how we traveled on the Amazon on a backpacker’s budget and at some more options for exploring this mighty river. The Amazon […]

Bolivia, Brazil

29 Places not to miss in South America

Exploring South America took us on amazing adventures through a  spectacular array of landscapes; from the sweaty, humid rain forest in the Amazon, breathing thin air over Andean peaks to marvel at the vast Patagonian glaciers. The continent seems to exist in superlatives; the world’s largest glacier, biggest jungle, driest […]

Argentina, Brazil

Iguazu Falls Brazil or Argentina Side?

I’ve experienced a few  unreal waterfalls during the last couple of year’s traveling, but nothing as spectacular as Iguazu Falls (Iguaçu Falls). This is one of the most beautiful natural wonders I’ve ever seen and something not to miss when in South America! The Iguazu falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River forming the  border betweem the  Misiones state in Argentina and the Brazilian state of Paraná. […]