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BEST tourist attractions in the Northern Cape

Driving through the Northern Cape is an incredible experience full of surprises. A road trip through this part of South Africa is an off the beaten track adventure compared to the popular Garden Route for example. The unique landscape of Kalahari, the diverse wildlife of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and the incredible spring flowers of Namaqualand are just some of the attractions of the Northern Cape.

Some parts of the Northern Cape can be visited as a separate trip or combined with a road trip from Cape Town to Namibia. If you start your South African adventure in Mother City make sure to have enough time there are many amazing things to do in Cape Town.

A typical scenery of the Northern Cape in South Africa
Fantastic scenery of the Northern Cape is one of the tourist attractions

The best time to visit the Northern Cape?

Depending on which places you want to visit and what you want to see. To see spring flowers in Namaqua National Park August is the best time. If you want to see the Augrabies Falls in its best summer months between February and Aril is the best time for that. For safari drives in the Kgalagadi National Park May to September the cooler and drier months are the most favorable time of the year. In summer November to February, it gets very hot in the Northern Cape not the best time if you’re planning to go on a camping trip.

Getting around the Northern Cape

The best way is to drive yourself there are not many public bus options or tours going that way. If you’re not local and don’t have a car you can rent it at Cape Town or Johannesburg airport and drive up to the Northern Cape. For this trip it’s better to rent a reliable car not necessarily a 4×4 vehicle but the one that you can drive on gravel roads.

The cost of traveling 

It all depends on how far you want to go, what type of accommodation you choose if you want to cook for yourself or eat out, etc. Camping and making food is the most budget way of traveling through the Northern Cape. If you want to stay indoors rather than camping staying at hotels/guesthouses in towns and cities works out cheaper than inside National Parks. Distances between places are quite large petrol is one of the main expenses on a road trip.

If you’re planning to visit a couple of SANParks on the trip it might be worth buying the Wild Card especially if you’re a family. With the Wild Card, you don’t have to pay park entrance fees, it’s valid for one year from the purchase day and gives you free access to 80 parks and reserves.

Disclosure: Stingy Nomads take part in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. When you buy something recommended in this post, we may get an affiliate commission — but it never affects your price or what we pick.

Our budget breakdown, 12 days, 2 people

  • Petrol (usually on a long road trip it’s one of the main expenses) – R 4500.
  • Accommodation (10 nights camping, 1 night hotel) – R 3573. Your accommodation budget will be almost the same for up to 6 people because in most campsites you pay per site not per person.
  • Entrance fees (for SA and residents, for foreigners multiply that amount by 3) – R 636 (if you don’t have the Wild Card). We didn’t pay any fees we bought a Wild Card at the beginning of our trip.
  • Food (shopping, eating out, coffee) – R 3600. Mostly buying food and cooking, a couple of breakfasts on the way, and coffee stops.

Total: R12 309* or R512 per person/day.

To see how much it is in other currencies you can use an online currency converter.

A pie-chart with four graphs showing our expenses on the road trip
A pie-chart with our total budget for the Cape Town – Kalahari trip

Books and guidebooks about Kalahari & Southern African wildlife

Need to know before the trip 

  • If you’re planning to camp in SANParks or in a National Reserve keep in mind that power outlets at most campsites opt for caravans (motorhomes). If you don’t have one, you’ll need an adapter to be able to charge your devices. Usually, you can buy it at a local shop in most parks.
  • In this part of the county, you drive a lot on gravel roads, especially in National Parks and Reserves, take a spare tire or two in case you get a flat tired.
  • Towns in the Northern Cape are quite far apart always make sure you have enough petrol.
Power outlets in National parks, South Africa
Caravan type power outlets in SANParks in South Africa

Travel insurance for South Africa

If you’re not a local and planning to explore South Africa wilderness and road trip around the country it’s highly recommended to have travel insurance that will cover you in case something goes wrong. If you don’t have an insurance company we can recommend using World Nomads. They work with destinations and travelers from all over the world. Their insurance policies are very flexible and easy to purchase online at any tie before or during your trip. Get an instant quote now!

Amazing destinations to visit in the Northern Cape

Tankwa Karoo National park 

  • Distance from Cape Town – 315 km
  • Driving time – 4h30min

If you coming from Cape Town on the way you can stop at a couple of wine estates on the Breedekloof wine route and do some wine tasting. There are some beautiful farms in the area that produce good quality wines.

Tankwa Karoo National Park is located on the border between the Western and Northern Cape in the Succulent Karoo Biome, a unique entire arid spot. We stayed here only for one night but one can easily come here for a weekend getaway from Cape Town. There are many different routes to drive and a lot to explore here. On a clear night, this place is an excellent stargazing spot. All roads in the park are gravel but if you don’t go to 4×4 trails you will be able to drive it with a sedan.

It’s important to remember that there are no shops or restaurants inside the park. You have to bring food and water with you as well as fill your car with petrol. The last petrol station is in Ceres, 180 km from Tankwa, only diesel is available in the park.

What animals can you see in Tankwa?

Mostly you’ll see many antelopes and small predators. Aardvark, mountain zebra, gemsbok, springbok, bat-eared fox, black-backed jackal, klipspringer, bowsprit tortoise, and Cape cobra. Out of these, we saw springboks, klipspringers, gemsboks, and many birds.

Tankwa Karoo park entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R46, children – R23
  • SADC countries – R92, children – R46
  • Foreigners – R184, children – R92
  • Camping – R318 per site, up to 6 people.

Gate opening time

  • October – March from 05.30 to 19.00
  • April – September from 06.30 to 18.00

Office hours

  • Mon – Thu, Sat from 07.30 to 17.30
  • Fri from 07.30 to 21.00
  • Sun/Pub holiday from 09.00 to 17.30

Camping in Tankwa

There are two types of campsites in the park; formal and informal. Formal campsites have good facilities. Informal or bush camps have basically nothing, but they are cheaper, R124 per site, max 15 people. We decided to stay in a formal one, Perdekloof. There are two formal campsites; Perdekloof (6 sites) and Langkloof (2 sites), both accommodate 6 people per site. Phone for booking +27 27 341 1927

There are several cottages available for rent located inside the park in the most stunning spots. The price is from Z930 for two people. The cottages can accommodate 2-6 people.

Perdekloof campsite

Each site has its own toilet, a shower, and a kitchenette. We really enjoyed camping in the Tankwa park. The area is beautiful it gives you a feeling of being in the wild far from bustling cities and noises. The campsites are very isolated and at the same time have all you need for a comfortable stay. Don’t miss the sunset at Perdekloof, it’s magic!


  • Hot water shower – yes
  • Flush toilets – yes
  • Electricity – yes
  • Power outlets – no
  • Braai place – yes
  • Wi-fi – no
  • Phone reception – no
  • Accept cards – yes, at the reception
  • Other – kitchenette with a sink.

Things to do in the park

  • Game drives
  • 4×4 routes
  • Birdwatching
  • Drive over the Gannaga Pass. The pass is not to miss in the Tankwa. The views from the lookout point are breathtaking! Watch for klipspringers jumping over the rocks.
  • Mountain biking
  • Walking
The fantastic scenery in one of the National Park in Northern Cape
Bizarre scenery in the Tankwa Karoo National Park, a great destinations to visit in the Northern Cape

Sutherland Observatory

  • Distance from Cape Town – 347 km
  • Driving time – 4 hours

Sutherland is a very nice little town with many guest houses and B&B and a couple of restaurants, SPAR, and one petrol station (it’s closed on the weekend from 13.00 Saturdays). We can recommend buying meat or biltong at a local butcher’s, we bought lamb chops and boerewors there and they were really good.

You can visit both places the Tankwa and Sutherland on a weekend trip from Cape Town. Spend one night at the park and one night stargazing in the Observatory.

The Observatory is just 14 km outside the town. This place is definitely worth of visit if you do a tour you’ll learn a lot about the research work they do here, why Southerland is a good place for stargazing, what kind of telescopes are there. You visit SALT and can get an idea of how it works and how many million light-years far back scientists can see through it. The tour duration is between an hour and a half. In the reception building, there are several rooms with info boards and artifacts that provide some interesting information about the space, galaxies, and planets.

There are two daily tours (no tours on Sundays) at 10.30 and 14.30 since it’s not far to drive from Tankwa you can make it to visit the Observatory the same day. The tour costs R100 per person. Booking is essential. It’s easy to do over the phone (023) 571-24-36. We booked ours just an hour before. There are stargazing tours at night as well on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat at 20.00 in summer and 18.00 in winter. Price R120 pp. During the school holidays, it’s advisable to book a tour beforehand. 

Places to stay in Sutherland

| Middelfontein Farm | The Blue Moon Guesthouse | Kambro Kind |

One of the building with a telescope in Sutherland Observatory, tourist destination in Northern Cape
SALT telescope, South African Astronomical Observatory in Sutherland, one of the attractions in the Northern Cape

Karoo National Park

  • Distance from Cape Town – 360 km
  • Driving time – 5 hours

Beaufort West is the closest to the park town, in fact, the park entrance is just outside it. There are a couple of shops, cafes, and a supermarket. If you have time I’d recommend driving over the Molteno Pass that starts outside Beaufort West. It will take about 20min. to drive to and back.

Karoo National park surprised us with its stunning landscape and biodiversity; mountains and passes with breath-taking viewpoints and many wild animals around. There are even lions here we didn’t expect it unfortunately we didn’t see them. But we saw many mountain zebras, gemsboks, springboks, elands, and red hartebeests. There are several loops that you can drive some only 4×4. Not to miss Klipspringer’s pass and viewpoint.

Entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R56, children – R28
  • SADC countries – R112, children – R56
  • Foreigners – R224, children – R112
  • Camping – from R345 per site, up to 6 people.

Gate opening time

  • April – September from 07.00 to 18.00
  • October – March from 06.00 to 19.00

Camping in the Karoo National Park

Absolutely amazing campsite with good facilities, a beautiful view over the mountains, and many big tortoises walking around as well as some mongoose and all sorts of birds. The hiking trails are walking distance from the campsite.

There are chalets and cottages for rent inside the park. Prices start at R1500 per chalets for up to 3 guests and R2200 per cottage for up to 6 guests. Accommodation and campsites can be booked over the phone – 023 415 2828.

Campsite facilities

  • Hot water shower – yes
  • Flush toilets – yes
  • Electricity – yes
  • Power outlets – yes, caravan type. You can buy an adaptor at the shop for R175.
  • Braai place – yes
  • Wi-fi – no
  • Phone reception – yes
  • Accept cards – yes
  • Other – kitchen with a microwave and electric kettle, laundry room with washing machines. Swimming pool, shop, and restaurant at the reception.

Places to stay in Beaufort West

If you’re looking for indoor accommodation options that are cheaper than the ones in the park you can stay at one of the cozy guesthouses in Beaufort West. It’s about 2-3 times cheaper to stay in the town.

| Sleep@Beaufort | Holiday Home Lekker Lê | Haus Holzapfel | @Mango’s |

Things to do in the park

  • Game drives
  • 4×4 drives
  • Bird watching, there is a bird hide walking distance from the campsite.
  • Hiking, there are three short hiking trails.
  • Fossil trail, 400m trail that will take you through an impressive collection of prehistoric fossils found in the area.
The scenery in the Karoo National Park one of the attraction in the Northern Cape
Karoo National Park is an amazing place to visit for a day or two to enjoy its amazing scenery and wildlife

Namaqua National Park

  • Distance from Cape Town – 533 km
  • Driving time – 5h30min.

Namaqua National Park is an amazing place to visit during the flower season which happens here earlier than in the Western Cape, around August. Usually, the bare dessert-like landscape changes completely after the winter rains that turn the park into one big colorful carpet.

Park entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R46, children – R23
  • SADC countries – R92, children – R46
  • Foreigners – R92, children – R46
  • Camping – R170 per site, up to 6 people

If you want to have a very special flower experience you can stay at one of the Flower Camps. It’s quite pricey compared to the standard camping but it includes accommodation in a big tent set at the beach, breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner. Rates R2700 per person per day.

Places to stay in Springbok

Springbok is the nearest to the park town if you don’t feel like camping there are many indoor accommodation options there. It’s a good stop on the way to Namibia, 115 km from the border.

| HERB GARDEN RESTAURANT & ROOMS | Nama White Guest House | Kliprand Guesthouse |

Flower season in the Namaqua National Park, Northern Cape
The flower season is the most beautiful time for visiting the Northern Cape

Augrabies Falls National Park

  • Distance from Cape Town – 755 km
  • Driving time – 8 hours

Augrabies Falls is a huge canyon made by the Orange River. It looks impressive even in the dry season though there is not that much water. The best time to visit the falls in full flow is between February and April. There are wooden walking paths along the canyon you can observe it from different angles. If you visit the falls in August-September on the way you can do a couple of stops along the West Coast to see spring flowers in Namaqualand.

There is a very nice restaurant at the reception building they have good coffee and breakfast. In the local shop, you can buy snacks, cool drinks, souvenirs, and maps. Petrol is available at the gate.

Park entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R56, children – R28
  • SADC countries – R112, children – R56
  • Foreigners – R224, children – R112
  • Camping – R285 per site, up to 6 people

Gate opening hours/office hours

Daily from 7.00 to 18.00

Camping at the Augrabies Falls

Well maintained campsite with good ablutions, clean, safe (except for baboons and monkeys) and spacious. There is a swimming pool close to the reception where you can chill on a hot day. The baboons and monkeys at the campsite are quite annoying. They are not shy at all, don’t leave anything unattended. We loved meerkats and ground squirrels running around the campsite. In the morning and evening, you can see many different birds.

There are indoor accommodation options in the park; chalets for 2 people from R1175 and cottages for 4 people from R2000. Phone for booking +27 (0) 12 428 9111


  • Hot water shower – yes
  • Flush toilets – yes
  • Electricity – yes
  • Power outlets – yes
  • Braai place – yes
  • Wi-fi – no
  • Cell phone reception – yes
  • Accept cards – yes
  • Other – kitchen with electric stoves, sinks, washing machines. Restaurant and shop at the reception.

Places to stay outside the park

There are a couple of guesthouses just outside the Augrabies that are cheaper than chalets inside the park.

| The Falls Guest House | Augrabies De Oude Stoor Guesthouse | Augrabies Valle Guesthouse |

Things to do

  • Hiking. There are two hiking routes; Klipspringer trail – 35km (3 days), opened from April to middle October. Dassie trail – 5km. Walking Dassie route we saw a couple of klipspringers, many dassies and some meerkats.
  • Mountain biking
  • 4×4 drive, 94km Wilderness road
  • Stargazing
  • Birdwatching
Augrabies Falls National Park a popular tourist destination in Northern Cape
Augrabies Falls in the Northern Cape. Summer is not the best time to visit the Falls there is not much water there

Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

  • Distance from Cape Town – 840 km
  • Driving time – 9h40min.

An amazing place on the shores of the Orange River, on the border with Namibia. The park boasts a bizarre rocky landscape with occasional quiver trees and the incredible night sky. Richtersveld Park is a great stop on the way to Namibia. If you come here make sure to bring food supplies there is no shop or restaurant inside the park.

Park entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R72, children – R36
  • SADC countries – R144, children – R72
  • Foreigners – R244, children – R122
  • Camping – from R260, up to 6 people

Gate opening hours

  • Monday – Friday from 7:30 to 18:00
  • Saturday – from 8:00 to 18:00
  • Sundays – from 08:00 to 16:30

Things to do

  • 4×4 drives
  • enjoying flowers in spring
  • hiking
  • stargazing

There are several campsites inside the park due to the remote location the facilities and ablutions are not as great as in other SANParks but they have basic things like running water and toilets. If you decide to stay in the park for a night or two you have to be self-sufficient.

Witsand Nature Reserve

  • Distance from Cape Town – 860 km
  • Driving time – 10 hours

The reserve is famous for its white sand dunes that contrast against the red sand of the surrounding area. The dunes are between 20m and 60m high in a way they remind famous Namibian sand dunes just on a smaller scale. If you’re lucky and the weather conditions are right you can witness the famous Roaring Sands of Kalahari.

What animals can you see?

Springboks, steenboks, gemsboks, red hartebeest, ground squirrel, meerkat, porcupine, aardvark, bat eared fox, cape fox, genet, spring hare, aardwolf and many different birds.

Witsand entrance fee

  • Adults – R60 Wild card is not valid here.
  • Children – R40
  • Camping – R110 per person. If you stay overnight you don’t pay the entrance fee.

Camping at Witsand

We didn’t expect much but absolutely loved camping here, the campsite is very spacious, with good ablutions, quiet and peaceful. Springboks and steenboks walking around the campsite not bothered by people’s presence. A couple of steenboks were walking around our site all evening and later at night, we heard them eating coals from our fire. We saw a genet a couple of times next to our tent in search of food. It was the first time we saw that nocturne animal.

It’s a great place to escape from the bustling city life the only noises you hear are those produced by animals. This campsite was one of our favorites on this trip. Tip! Bring mosquito repellent there were quite a few of them after sunset. Phone for booking 083 234 7573. 


  • Hot water shower – yes
  • Flush toilets – yes
  • Electricity – yes
  • Power outlets – yes, caravan type.
  • Braai place – yes
  • Wi-fi – no
  • Phone reception – yes, poor signal, no 3G
  • Accept cards – yes
  • Other – swimming pool, small shop at the reception.

Places to stay in Olifantshoek

You an visit the reserve as a day trip and stay at a guesthouse in Olifantshoek, this small town is about 75 m away from the Witsand.

| Elephant Rock Inn | Geluksdam Guest House |

Things to do

  • Drive to the viewpoint to see the white dunes
  • Climb the dunes
  • Sandboarding, rent a board for R150 per day
  • Cycling, rent a bike here for R120 per day
  • Hiking
  • Watching animals
  • Birdwatching
Alya enjoying the scenery in Witsand, one of tourist destinations in the Northern Cape
Alya on one of the sand dunes in Witsand Nature Reserve, Northern Cape


  • Distance from Cape Town – 800 km
  • Driving time – 8h40min.

The town is situated on the bank of the Orange River halfway between the Augrabies Falls and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It’s a nice place to stock supplies if you’re planning to visit the Kgalagadi. If you decide to stop in Upington or just drive past I’d recommend visiting a couple of local wine farms. The Orange River wine route is by far not as popular as Stellenbosch wine farms or Constantian Wine route but they have good wines and wine tasting here is an interesting experience.

Places to stay near Upington

| Olive Tree B&B | River Bank Lapa | Three Gables Guesthouse |

Mokala National Park

  • Distance from Cape Town – 900 km
  • Driving time – 9h30min.

Mokala National Park is the youngest of all SAN parks it’s a predator-free park so if you want to see lions, cheetahs, or hyenas it’s not the right place. The park is not very big if you’re driving from Kimberley the best way to see it is to enter at Lilydale gate and exit at Mosu Gate. Driving through we saw many springboks, zebras, wildebeests, gemsboks, ostriches, buffaloes, antelopes, and some birds. If you like birdwatching don’t miss the Bird hide with a big water hole. There is a restaurant at the reception where you can pre-order lunch.

Mokala park entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R48, children – R24
  • SADC countries – R96, children – R48
  • Foreigners – R192, children – R96
  • Camping – R400 per site, up to 6 people.

Gate opening time

  • Summer from 07.00 to 19.00
  • Winter from 07.00 to 17.30

Motswedi campsite

We couldn’t stay here but we went to check the campsite. Each site has a private ablution block with a kitchen, fridge, and a small gas stove. There is a waterhole just outside the campsite where you can see animals mostly in the mornings and evenings while having breakfast or enjoying braai. If you want to camp in the park especially over the weekend, make sure to book it in advance. The campsite is very small (only 6 sites) and often fully booked. Phone for booking 053 204 8000

Campsite facilities

  • Hot water shower – yes
  • Flush toilets – yes
  • Electricity – yes
  • Power outlets – no
  • Braai place – yes
  • Wi-fi – no
  • Phone reception – poor signal, no 3G
  • Accept cards – yes
  • Other –kitchen with fridge and gas stove.

Indoor accommodation in Mokala

There are several accommodation options (cabins, bungalows) inside the park from R1000 for 2 people. And a couple of places just outside the park: Wag n Bietjie Bush Lodge and Imbasa Safari Lodge.

Things to do in the park

  • Game drive
  • Birdwatching
  • Stargazing
Four gemsboks hiding from the heat under the tree
Gemsboks hiding in the shade in Mokala National Park

The Big Hole, Kimberley

  • Distance from Cape Town – 960 km
  • Driving time – 10 hours

Don’t forget to fill petrol at Griquatown it’s the only petrol station on the way before Kimberley. We almost ran out of petrol and just made it to Engen with 2l left.

Kimberley is a capital city of Northern Cape so if you need to do some shopping or stock with food for the next days it’s a good place for these.

It is an ex diamond mine turned into a museum. The hole is 240m deep and 463m wide and claimed to be the largest excavated by hand hole in the world. Digging started in 1872 and by 1914 over 22 million tons of earth was excavated and 3000kg of diamonds were found. The hole looks very impressive its turquoise blue water lake.

On the museum territory, there are some old-style houses and running old trams you can walk around the streets, have lunch in a restaurant or take a tram tide.

Entrance fee

  • Adults – R40
  • Children – R20
  • An hour tour –  R100.

Places to stay in Kimberley

If you decide to stay in Kimberley I’d suggest staying rather outside the city, there are a couple of nice places not far away.

| Kalahari Lodge Kimberley | Dronfield Reserve | Mein Heim Estate Guest Farm |

The Big Hole diamond mine lake in Kimberley, a popular destination in Northern Cape
The Big Hole in Kimberley is one of the popular tourist attractions in the Northern Cape

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

  • Distance from Cape Town – 1046 km
  • Driving time – 11 hours

If you want to make it all the way to Kgalagadi park, stop shopping in Upington, do some wine tasting, and visit meerkat sanctuary you’ll have to start driving early.

The drive is quite nice through some rocky hills and vineyards. There is a big mall in Upington where you can stock for the next days in the park. For wine tasting the best option is to go to Orange River cellar tasting room in Upington, they have some nice wines, tasting R20 pp.

Kalahari Trails, Meerkat sanctuary

Kalahari is the meerkat country, here you have the best chance to observe these amazing animals. At about 30 km before the Kgalagadi Park, there is a sign “Meerkat Sanctuary”, it’s basically a house where Professor Anne Rasa, a specialist in desert animals’ behavior, helps to rehabilitate meerkats that were rescued or confiscated from people. It’s an official Cape Nature rescue center.

Usually, there are many meerkats running around the house and a couple of babies inside. We were fascinated by these cute little animals with so much personality. If you travel with children, they will love this place it’s one of the few places where you can actually interact with meerkats without doing them any harm. The place works for donations.

It’s possible to stay at the Kalahari Trails there are chalets, guesthouses and camping spots.

Little meerkats inside the house at the Sanctuary in the Kalahari
Cute baby meerkats (suricates) at the Kalahari Trails Meerkat Sanctuary on the way to the Kgalagadi

Kgalagadi is the wildest out of all SAN parks. It’s one of the wildlife lovers’ favorite safari parks in the country. We met many people in the park that have been here more than 10-15 times, they come almost every year and stay in the park for weeks. We’re quite far from being safari experts but definitely will come back one day and stay longer to explore every corner of this wildlife paradise. You can combine a visit to the Kgalagadi with a road trip to Namibia.

Need to know! Twee Rivieren, Nossob, and Mata Mata campsites have petrol but it gets too hot in the afternoon petrol pump doesn’t work it’s better to fill your car an early morning or late evening.

Entrance fee

  • SA and residents – R82, children – R41
  • SADC countries – R164, children – R82
  • Foreigners – R328, children – R164

Gate opening times

  • Summer (Dec-Jan) from 5.30 to 19.30
  • Winter between 6.00-07.30 and 18.00-19.00

We arrived at Twee Rivieren at 3 pm and decided to go for a quick drive just 35km to and back towards Nossob it took us 3,5 hours and we saw; jackals, a Cape fox, many meerkats and ground squirrels, many gemsboks and springboks, some wildebeests, many ostriches. Remember! you must return to your campsite before they close the gate.

Looks like driving between Twee Rivieren and Mata Mata you have the best chance for spotting predators especially lions everybody we met in the park saw a least a couple of lion on this route. From our experience, this part was definitely the best part of Kgalagadi. We’d suggest to camp for a couple of days at Mata Mata and do morning and evening drives from there. Once at Twee Rivieren don’t forget to fill your tank, the next petrol station is 60km away at Molopo Kalahari lodge.

A Cape fox next to its hole in the Kgalagadi, Northern Cape
The Kgalagadi Park is famous for its lions but the pretty Cape Fox was my personal favorite there. What a gracious animal!
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Lorna Powe

Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Great article

Ruan Beukes

Saturday 15th of June 2019

Great blog Stingy Nomads! I love a good SA road trip. Planning a similar trip in August with my two little boys and partner. Just slightly less driving and more time in the Kgalagadi. Your blog has given me some good information and tips. Thanks! Your advice/opinion on the following would be helpful: Which camp is the best to stay in? Is it better to choose one camp and make it my base? Where can I see pangolin? Out of all the animals in SA I would love to see this little critter in the wild.

Stingy Nomads

Saturday 15th of June 2019

Hello, Ruan! Thank you for the comment! From our experience, Mata Mata camp and its surrounding was the best place for spotting animals if we go again to the Kgalagadi we'll rather base there and from there do game drives. I'd recommend contacting the park to inquire about the availability, August-September is a busy season in Kgalagadi and Mata Mata is the most popular campsite in the park. We didn't see pangolin in Kgalagadi but on the official park's website, it says you can see them there. On the way to the park, definitely stop at the Meerkat Sanctuary, your kids will love it! Cheers!


Monday 22nd of April 2019

Hello,I am planning a similar trip from Cape Town in July,except I intend to head into Botswana and CKGR.A few websites mention that two vehicles are required for Kgalagadi,do you know how strict they are with this policy. Very helpful website by the way.

Stingy Nomads

Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

Hello, Mick! Thank you for the comment! As far as we know it's required to be in two vehicles if you want to visit Botswana part of the park, passport control is at the park office I guess they will be able to see that there is only one vehicle. We haven't tried to go to that part of the park. Safe travels!


Friday 4th of January 2019

Thank you for the blog. It's very helpful. I am thinking to do almost the same itinerary end of march early April. Is everything doable with a 2x4 car? Do you think it's possibile to visit Kgalagadi staying at Kgalagadi lodge? Thank you

Stingy Nomads

Monday 7th of January 2019

Hello Chiara, glad our post was helpful. You can explore the park from the lodge everyday. It may be too far to drive the part between Nossob and Mata mata, but we did not see much here this is also the part of the park where we found people stuck with 2 wheel drive cars. In this article I discuss the park and what car I think is sufficient Safe travels

Guy Scott & Victoria Henderson

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Hey Loved getting the info from your site, I was looking for info on Kgalagati park, your site had the most valuable info I found online as i searched Guide to Kgalagati, Info from the other sites seem vague You nailed it ! . Were hoping to go for a week Sept 23 -29 but cant find campsites to stay at as they all seem booked. Not sure I buy into that as we have been to Kruger and some of the other SA parks camps, they show sold out when there is availability. Your tip on the road from Twee Riviera to Mata Mata sure made me think that is what I want as you mentioned its the most popular area for cats. Which is why I want to go to photograph there as the light and open backgrounds make for very special pics. Currently I am now working on staying just outside the park and going in daily for game drives. Not sure if that will work but curious your thoughts? Its a lodge 5 minutes south of the Twee Rivieras gate with a good price and lots of amenities We are a couple from Canada, this years trip will be our 6th time, we love SA ! Were 50's /60's and love to travel, envy your lifestyle of continuous travel. We rent a house in Marloth Park SA each year usually for 3 months ( max time allowed by foreigners) If your up that way your welcome to stay with us for free, we always have a 2nd bedroom open. Animals roam freely in Marloth park, but no dangerous ones, 15 minutes to the Crocodile gate to Kruger, your allowed to feed them hay and special game pellets, they come when you put the food out, its quite entertaining and we have gotten hooked on being close to them and getting used to regular visitors. Have you ever been?

Stingy Nomads

Thursday 15th of March 2018

Guy and Victoria, we phoned today to Kgalagadi park and they told us there are many opened camping spots at Mata Mata and Twee Rivieren between 23rd and 29th September. Try again to book online. Hopefully everything will work out! Good luck!

Stingy Nomads

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Hi, guys! Thank you very much for reading our blog! We're glad you've found it helpful! It's possible that campsites in Kgalagadi are not available for booking so long beforehand otherwise it's very strange everything is fully booked. South Africa school holiday starts only on 28th September (till 9th October) that time is usually very busy but not just before it. We'll phone tomorrow to Kgalagadi park and find out about campsites for your dates and will let you know. If it's fully booked staying outside is an option, that lodge you're talking about (I think it's Kgalagadi lodge) is very close to Twee Rivieren Gate we stopped there on the way back for coffee, a very nice place. That day we drove from Mata Mata to Twee Rivieren and back to Springbok, it's definitely possible to do day game drives from the lodge. Thank you for the invitation! We haven't been to Marloth park, the place sounds amazing! Keep in touch!

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