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Amazing places to see in Argentina

We’ve traveled Argentina quite extensively and had a chance to explore in from North to South and from East to West visiting both must see and off the beaten track places. Argentina is a country where you can find everything; salt flats of , desert of Salta, colorful mountains of Jujuy, vineyards of Mendoza, lakes and forests of Bariloche, vast pampa and glaciers. And of course fantastic mix of cultures, amazing people and delicious food. All these are more than enough to make you desperately wish to travel this unreal country. For more info on 20 incredible things to do in Argentina.

Here are some photos that will show all the diversity and beauty of Argentina.

If you like hiking El Chalten is a must visit place for you in Argentina. Considered a hiking capital of the country the area has a lot to offer for outdoor lovers of any age and fitness level. From short day hikes for the whole family to multi day challenging trails anywhere you go the scenery is breathtaking. For more info on hiking in El Chalten and some awesome photos check our post El Chalten trekking guide

Caminito street in colorful and vibrant barrio (neighborhood) La Boca, Buenos Aires has a very interesting story. It used to be a working neighborhood and most part of it still is. The first settlers of the area were from Genoa, Italy La Boca still has some European features. Famous for its colorful houses which original colorful look was more due to the lack of building material than to designer ideas. It comes as no surprise that the unique and photogenic neighbourhood La Boca is a tourist favorite.

Paleta del Pintor (Painter’s Palette), Miamara, Jujuy. The area is famous for its colorful mountains, the mix of different minerals luckily for the nature it’s not profitable to extract any of them due to the vast area of spread and dense mix of everything. Except for admiring colorful mountains you can visit one of the local craft markets or festivals.

Sea lions colony in the Valdes Peninsula. A great place to observe these beautiful animals, they can be found here all year around in different areas around the peninsula. The best time to see them is between February and May when there are hundreds of pups chilling on the sun. You can go snorkeling with these guys from a boat as well the water is quite cold so the company will provide a wet suit for you.

Amazing mountain landscape in Mendoza province with so much to explore and to do, a great place for outdoor lovers with the highest mountain in Americas Aconcagua 6959m, many hiking trails, rivers good for rafting and mountain bike trails. 

Vineyards near Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina. Famous for its Malbecs it’s an amazing place to travel, many wine farms are opened for public without prior arrangement so you can drive around or cycle to different farms and do wine tasting.

Devil’s throat, Iguazu Falls, Argentina. Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil Iguazu is the largest water system in the world. The size of the park is impressive you need two day to explore it from both side. If you like adventure and adrenaline you can do raft tour or fly the area in the helicopter. If you want to plan your trip to Iguazu Falls check our article Iguazu Falls Argentina or Brazil, which side?

Everybody knows about Uyuni slat flats in Bolivia but not many know that Argentina has its own salt desert, Salinas Grandes in Jujuy. 6000km2 covered with salt very different from a normal sand desert. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and hat with.

Argentina is a real paradise for adventure junkies climbing, rafting, paragliding, hiking etc. There are a couple of great rivers for rafting in Argentina Chimehuin river near San Martin de Los Andes is one of them, the rapids here are between 2+/3 difficulty level.

Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s bridge), Buenos Aires –  the most beautiful and romantic city in South America. There is a lot to see and to do in Buenos Aires; be it a tango show, an art museum, a planetarium or a great steak place. Walking or cycling around the city is a great way to explore it and discover some secret corners.

Giant cactus Cardones that grow in the North of Argentina in Salta province can grow up to 10m with a life measure hundreds of years. The park Los Cardones located at 2700m above the sea level and is considered to be one of the highlights of the area. Except for cactus here you can see some ruins, animals e.g. foxes, guanacos, condors etc.

When it comes to the largest or the biggest in the world Argentina has quite a few of them like Perito Moreno glacier in Los Glaciares National park, one of the largest glacier in the world. Even after seen hundreds of photos when you are there next to it it’s incredible. If just observing is not enough for you you can venture on a cruise boat that brings you closer to the glacier or even go ice trekking on Perito Merino glacier geared with crampons and an ice axe!  

Floralis Generica, a giant flower sculpture in the center of Buenos Aires.  The steel and aluminum flower is alive it closes on opens its petals according to the time of the day, the spectacular performance of the 23 m giant flower.

Magellanic penguins colony in Punta Tombo National reserve is the largest in South America, every year in September thousands of penguins come here from Brazil for nesting period. These small and very cute guys walk everywhere in the reserve without caring too much about people.

These fantasy trees with amber color trunks you can find on the island near Bariloche in Los Arrayanes National park. The forest is located on the island in Nahuel Huapi lake where you can get by cruise boat.

Fitz Roy mount, El Chalten, the highest peak in Patagonia is very challenging climb, not many people attempt it. For less adventurous there is a day hike from El Chalten to Lago los Tres if you’re luck with the weather you can see a perfect reflection of Fiz Roy in the water. The lake is a popular spot for sunrise watching as the sun goes up it lights the mountain peak.

Salta la linda (pretty) how they called this town in Argentina deserved the name. Located in the valley at 1152m above the sea level surrounded by the Andes it boasts beautiful colonial style architecture, nice restaurants and delicious cuisine. Famous empanadas (pies) Saltenas with meat, cheese, chicken, potato with a glass of local white wine Torrontes in one of the restaurants on the main square while enjoying the beauty of the main cathedral at night is a real unforgettable experience.

The Inca Bridge near Mendoza is a natural formation arch-bridge over the Vacas River. Down the bridge there is a hot spring retreat where you can relax in hot and extremely reach in minerals water.

Wooden cross at Cuesta del Obispo, Salta. A fantastic experience when you get off a car and find yourself above the clouds. The scenic drive start at 1000m and goes to 2000m above the sea level, some parts of the road look like Russian mountains.

Nahuel Huapi lake, Bariloche. Bariloche is a ski and chocolate capital of Argentina where you can find an outdoor activity to do all year around. Hiking and water sports in summer, skiing and snowboarding in winter, trying local chocolates and cheeses any season.

The Calchaqui Valley, Salta. This fantastic moon landscape with red rocky mountains, extreme temperatures hot in the day and cold at nigh, high peaks covered by clouds is one of the highlights of Salta region. The climate and the scenery of the area varies from the desert to subtropical forest. 

We hope these photos of Argentina will inspire you to choose this amazing country for your next holiday. 

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