Ausangate trek, Peru

Top 5 hikes in the world from what we’ve done.

Top 5 hikes around the world by Stingy Nomads 
5-day high altitude hike, requires good acclimatization and physical conditions. Total distance 54km.
Likes. First of all the scenery, absolutely stunning, some unique thing like colored lakes, rainbow mountain etc. Second, no people, few local shepherds. Third, you allowed to do it on your own, without porters, guides, permits etc. Forth, it’s cheap, for 5 days we spent 30$ each, including transport and food.
Dislikes. Only one, the trail is not well marked, easy to confuse with alpacas’ paths.

Fantastic scenery on Ausangate trek, Peru
Fantastic scenery on Ausangate trek, Peru

2. Roraima mount, Venezuela, the one from Pixar’s “Up”.

7-day trek, no high altitude, just one steep up to the top and one steep down. Can do it in 6 – 9 days, the longer your hike the more days you spend on the top. Total distance (average) 100km.
Likes. First, unique landscape and environment. Roraima is like a different planet, on the top you can find lakes, mountains, caves, waterfalls, pools, even beaches! As well as crystal valley and breath-taking views from the top. Second, you can do it cheap, don’t go to any tour agencies, just contact one of the local guides (we provide some contacts with reliable guide in our article).
Dislikes. Terrible tiny flies on the first and last day ate us alive.

3. Torres del Paine, the “O” circuit, Chile.

Well known National park, with many trails and different hiking options, we did the circuit in 7 days. Total distance about 125km.
Likes. First and very important, incredible and very diverse landscape, huge glacier, snow peaks, turquoise color lakes, waterfalls etc. Second, very well marked and easy to follow trails, very safe.
Dislikes. Like any other famous attraction, too many people, mostly on the “W”. Can become very expensive (entrance fee, transport, paid campings etc.), in our article we give some advises how to save money in Torres.

Skottsberg lake, O circuit, Torres del Paine, Chile

4. Everest Base Camp Nepal, probably the most famous trekking in the world.

Our longest hike, 13 days (walked back to Kathmandu, check why in our article), total distance 124km (Lukla – EBC – Lukla).
Likes. First of all, the scenery is beautiful, you have a chance to see some over 8000m mounts on your way. Second, cultural experience, you’ll have a chance to see local people’s life, eat their traditional food, sleep in their houses and it’s not just a part of a tour, it’s all real.

Dislikes. Very touristy, big groups with guide, porters, donkeys etc. Expensive flight to get to the starting point, Lukla (as alternative you can get a 12-hour jeep ride and then 3-day walk).

Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Everest Base Camp, Nepal


5. Ilha Grande, Brazil, hike around the island.

We did it in 5 days, you can walk around as long as you wish, stay longer in each place, chill out on the beach. Total distance about 60km.
Likes. First, very different from any other hike we’ve done, tropical island, lush jungle, white sand beaches and crystal clear water, real paradise. Second, easy to do on your own, the path is very clear, every day you walk through small towns or villages where you can buy food or refill your water. Third, cheap to do specially with your own tent and cooking gear.
Dislikes. Nothing except we didn’t have enough time to explore it more!


These are our 5 favorite hikes but what about you? Do you have your top 5? Share your ideas with other travelers!

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