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Let my husband get off!

We went to Agra from Delhi to see the Taj Mahal, the modern wonder of the world just two days before our flight to Kathmandu. To be honest Agra is a real dump! Everything from our hostel with bed bugs to dirty streets of the city and very annoying vendors trying to sell you all sort of nonsense.

After visiting Taj Mahal and sleepless night with bedbugs we headed back to Delhi. We went to the station and waited for a train it’s just 2-hour ride we weren’t worried because our flight was leaving only next morning. Once at the station we discovered that there was only one last train to Delhi passing by Agra. Of course we didn’t have tickets since it was impossible to buy them and were told to pay on the train. The station is a typical Indian train station with hundreds of people everywhere, tea vendors, noise and chaos. Finally on the screen we saw a train to Delhi was arriving and ran to the platform together with hundreds of Indian people. We were determined to get on that train otherwise our booked flight to Kathmandu and planned hike to Everest Base camp was in danger.

Railway station, Agra. Let my husband get off!
Railway station, Agra. Let my husband get off!

When the train stopped we were right at the beginning of it other people started storming the doors trying to climb on so did we. Luckily one passenger opened a door in front of us just for a short while but it was enough for us to jump on, push the door and fall inside the wagon. The door was closed behind us. Once inside we looked around and it was a bit strange. The wagon was full of men some of them dressed like army men. We felt a bit embarrassed because they all were staring at us with a surprise. We decided to accommodate ourselves at the corner on our backpacks. But some passengers moved and offered us to sit down on the seats. The strange thing was that except for us nobody else tried to get on this wagon.

Me in full equipment somewhere in India. Let my husband get off!
Me in full equipment somewhere in India. Let my husband get off!

After 10 minutes we were talking with our neighbors and they explained to us that the wagon was booked for Indian army and all passengers there were somehow involved in military service. But because we are tourists they were curious and didn’t mind our presence. Two hours went very quick and we were arriving at Delhi where most of us were getting off.

One especially friendly with good English guy warned us to follow him and get off the train immediately once it stops. And we tried… but with our huge backpacks it wasn’t that easy! I managed to jump off and right behind me the exit was blocked. About 10 people were trying to climb on never mind some passengers still were trying to get off. When I looked back and saw Campbell stuck in the door and being drugged back inside the wagon. I panicked the train was about to leave with Campbell inside! Our Nepal trip would be ruined!

But we don’t give up that easy! I covered with two backpacks plus sleeping bugs hanging from the side had to act. I started grabbing them by their collar and pulling back shouting something like “Let my husband get off!” Campbell was pushing them from the door. You should have seen the faces of people who turned back to check who was puling and pushing them! After some time they realized there was a tourist trapped inside and let Campbell get off to my big relieve!

By that time we knew each other just over two months and didn’t plan getting married but I thought if I shout “My husband” it’d sound better and more convincingly.

By the way the train ride was free nobody charged us or came to check our tickets.

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