It’s summer (in the Northern semisphere) and finally time to travel Russia! Are we excited? Yes! And I don’t even know how is more excited; Campbell getting ready to his first visit to Russia or me preparing to travel my own country. To be honest even I don’t know what to expect from Russia! Nevertheless I spent most of my life here Russia for me was always limited by my home city St.Petersburg and rare trips (mostly on business) to Moscow. That’s all I’ve travelled in Russia so far.

We have big and quite ambitious plans on crossing Russia by train, climbing Elbrus mountain and doing all sort of available activities; hiking, diving, sightseeing etc. But as always we don’t have anything booked or really planned yet and will see how it goes I just hope the weather will be good enough to enjoy some outdoor activities! To follow the trip check our FB page we update it every day!


Last week we did an amazing Outeniqua hike on the Garden Route, between Knysna and Sedgefield. We walked for 7 days about 3-6 hours a day and every night slept in a hut. We were very lucky with the weather and could enjoy the scenery and the walk itself. It was our second multi day hike in South Africa (we did Amatola trail in Jan) and we still have a long list of hikes in South Africa that we’d like to do.

Now we’re busy planning a trip to Russia that will start in a couple of weeks! Follow our Facebook page to be up to date with the adventure!

Somewhere in Knysna forest, Outeniqua trail
Somewhere in Knysna forest, Outeniqua trail


We are back from Namibia after finishing famous Fish River canyon hike in 4 days. It was tough; very hot during the day, cold at night, sandy and rocky terrain BUT absolutely worth of every single effort! Unique beautiful and challenging Fish River canyon hike have to be in you bucket list! Now we have a week break before our next hiking adventure Outeniqua trail, a 7 day hike on the Garden Route (South Africa).

Fish River done-1


Finally we’re doing a long hike again and not just any hike but one of the greatest and famous in Africa – Fish River canyon in Namibia. We’ve never hiked a canyon before and are pretty excited about it! We’ll be off line for 5 or 6 days so if you have any questions or comments you’ll have to wait a bit till we’re back.


Gone hiking Fish


It’s been a month of working on the blog for us but finally we published all our Namibia articles! So if you need any information to plan a trip to Namibia check out our menu!

You know we’re big fans of hiking and in last two months that we spent in Namibia it was mostly driving and sitting so now we want to catch up and are planning to do a couple of hikes; some shorter one or two day hikes around Cape Town and a 5-day one rom our bucket list, Fish River canyon hike in Namibia. Yes, in a week time are’re going back to this amazing country!

Complete route of our 30-day trip around Namibia
Complete route of our 30-day trip around Namibia


Stingy Nomads are back to South Africa after 2 months in Namibia and Botswana! Not for long time just to do a couple of cool things around Cape Town like diving, hiking and surfing. In a month or so we’ll rolling again somewhere in the world. We have many plans and ideas especially in hiking field and hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish them this year. Our new entries on Namibia are ready and more are still to come so we’ll be happy to hear your opinion, ideas or questions on them! Awesome and budget campsites in Namibia (5)


After some doubts and thinking we decided to give it a go and traveled to Caprivi region in the North East of Namibia. And we are quite happy about our decision! Caprivi is an amazing wetland area with lots of wild life. Here we saw many elephants and hippos both from very close. Now we’re thinking of going to Chobe National park in Botswana and to Victoria Falls since we’re just 100km away from both.

Sunrise at Kawango river, Caprivi, Namibia
Sunrise at Kawango river, Caprivi, Namibia


We are still in Namibia, it’s been 4 weeks Stingy Nomads follow their tradition and travel slow through the country. We’ve crossed Namibia from the extreme South (Fishriver canyon) to the extreme North (Epupa falls), we’ve seen giant sand dunes, thousands of flamingos and seals, drove through Etosha National park, met the Himba people, visited the biggest meteorite in the world and followed 200 000 year old dinosaurus footprints! We’re busy writing and updating our entries soon you’ll be able to read about all these amazing things!

We with Himba tribe, Opuwa, Namibia
We with Himba tribe, Opuwa, Namibia


Three weeks of the Honeymoon went quite quick! We’re in Namibia driving through the desert, exploring ghost towns, running up and down the dunes and enjoying the sun. Now we’re in a nice beach town Swakopmund with its famous Dune 7 nearby. We are trying to keep the website up to date with our travel. You can follow our trip on Facebook where we post a video blog every second/third day.

Somewhere in Namibian desert, crossing Tropic of Capricorn
Somewhere in Namibian desert, crossing Tropic of Capricorn


All wedding craziness is over! We had a great party with our friends and families on Saturday 21 Jan! It’s time to travel again! This time a road trip along the West coast of South Africa to Namibia. We are currently in Langebaan taking kite surfing lessons, stocking up for the trip and thinking about the future…. If you want to be up to date with our trip follow our Facebook page we do our video blog regular.

Stingy Nomads' wedding
Stingy Nomads’ wedding


Stingy Nomads getting married! Guys, we’re about to launch to our biggest adventure so far, marriage. We’re very excited making the last arrangements before the Big Day and in between working on our blog. Alya enjoyed her Kitchen Tea last weekend, Campbell survived his bachelor party on Saturday. And by the way today on 15th Jan is our anniversary 3 years since we met in the Philippines!


We’re enjoying the festive season in South Africa; visiting friends, drinking wine, braai etc. But we like to be active and try to keep ourselfes busy and do new things. Traveling we met many rock climbers all over the world and picked up this “virus” so we decided to start climbing as well.  We did a first Introduction course at City Rock Cape Town and now determined to start outdoor climbing. We have tons of traveling plans for next year from hiking in the Middle East to cycling through Namibia. And of course the big day for us in coming year is Jan 21 our wedding day! We are very excited! Enjoy the holidays!

Christmas morning
Christmas morning


Two days ago we finished an amazing 6-day hike on the Amatola trail near Hogsback. It was amazing! Away with the Fairies Hostel helped us with accommodation and booking the trail. Thank you a lot, guys!   We enjoyed walking with our backpacks through indigenous forest, swimming in waterfall pools and observing the nature. It was our first multi day hike in South Africa but not the last, we’ll keep exploring this beautiful country! It was as well the first hike in our new hiking shoes that we got from Stellenbosch Hi-Tec shop, many thanks to them, the shoes worked great! New entries on Amatola hike and Hogsback are coming soon!

At the end of Amatola trail happy and tired!
At the end of Amatola trail happy and tired!


Time to explore South African wine routes! We decided to start from one of the least visited by foreign tourists Breedekloof wine valley. We managed to visit 6 wine farms but there are more so we’re planning to continue our wine mission and explore different wine areas around the country.

Exploring wine farms on Breedekloof wine valley. Campbell is a camera man.
Exploring wine farms on Breedekloof wine valley. Campbell is a camera man.


Stingy Nomads again together! A week ago Alya came to Cape Town and our plan is to explore, hike, surf and dive around South Africa. We already did a two days hike to the nearest mountains (Rawsonville) and enjoyed it a lot! It was great to swim in the waterfall, barbecue, sleep in our old tent and be a bit cold at night.

One more great news we got a puppy! Actually Campbell’s mother got it and we named her Chile after one of our most favourite countries.

Chile, our labrador/sheep dog puppy. Always excited and ready to play!
Chile, our labrador/sheep dog puppy. Always excited and ready to play!


One week left till reunion of Stingy Nomads!!! We are very excited! Alya is flying to Cape Town and in next weeks we’ll start exploring South Africa in our new car. Now we’re busy making travel planes for next months and coming year, there will be many interesting places and thrilling adventures!


Our Asian trip came to the end and both Stingy Nomads are currently at homes; Campbell in Cape Town and Alya in St.Petersburg. After traveling around the world we decided it’s time to explore our own countries. So we are going to start with South Africa. In a month time Alya will travel to Cape Town to meet up with Campbell and to enjoy South African summer. Soon we’ll add some new places and countries to our list. Follow our adventure!

Stingy Nomads at homes. Cape Town - St.Petersburg
Stingy Nomads at homes. Cape Town – St.Petersburg

27.08.2016 Watch our engagement video here!

This was a very important week for us. We got engaged while visiting the small island Nusa Penida near Bali. I was planning to ask Alya for a while, but ended up diving with the ring in my BCD pocket for 3 dives. Firstly mantas did not want to play along and show up in Komodo, so much for my mental picture of asking Alya with many massive Manta Rays circling us. We had very strong current and cold water waiting for mola mola in Bali and doing this while hanging on to the wall in pumping current was not an option. A nice mild current finally presented me with an opportunity!


After an amazing week of diving in Komodo National Park with mantas and sharks, seeing Komodo Dragons and plenty of long bus and ferry rides we are back on Nusa Penida, an island near Bali. The diving at Komodo was unreal, truly world class; amazing coral reefs, great visibility and huge amounts of fish of all shapes and sizes. We are diving near Nusa Penida for a couple of days hoping to see the illusive mola mola (sunfish), after which we will go back to Malaysia. New articles on Komodo, the dragons and the diving are coming soon! Sign up to the blog to make sure you won’t miss them!



 We spent a week in Pulau Weh a small island, North of Sumatra famous for diving. The island was beautiful, the diving was great we explored the island by scooter and did some nice snorkeling. Check out our entries on Pulau Weh. We are still in Indonesia, on a small island Nusa Penida, near Bali. Sticking to our Sumatra budget in Bali is almost impossible, but between camping at the airport and hitching rides we have some interesting stories. Tomorrow we are hoping to dive the famous Manta point from here, Nusa Penida.


An amazing time in Malaysia is coming to an end! We camped a couple of times, did nice hiking and some good snorkeling and diving on the Perhentian islands. After a couple of days in the beautiful Malaka and Kuala Lumphur we are flying to Pulau Weh, a small island in the north of Indonesia to start exploring the dive spots in probably the best surfing and diving country in the world.




Stingy Nomads becoming famous! We featured in an interview with online couples magazine ‘Hero and Leander’, focusing on us traveling as a couple. Some interesting questions and stories looking at romantic moments on the road during our travels.



We’ve been for a month in South East Asia, many interesting things and beautiful places.  We’re currently in George Town (Malaysia), exploring National parks and food markets. In a day or so we’re planning to start hitchhiking towards Perhentian island with a stop on the way to do one more hike.  Keep in touch, Stingy Nomads.

We at Monkey beach, Penang park, Malaysia
We at Monkey beach, Penang park, Malaysia
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