Book flights without paying. Exit ticket in 6 steps.

How to fly with a one way ticket

Sometimes to enter a country even if you don’t need a visa you can be asked to show your exit ticket to confirm that you’ll leave it in time without overstaying. Many travelers don’t have fixed plans, booked flights and detailed itinerary. Booking an exit ticket from a country can become a big problem. Here comes the question “How to book flights without paying?”.

To have a return flight can be necessary for visa application as well . In this case try to find a flight that more or less suites your plans because sometimes you can get a visa right for the dates of your flight. Make sure your booking is valid for the whole period of visa application process.

How to book flights without paying?

For such situations we always use website. Depending on the airline policy you can book a ticket for up to 10 days without paying or even entering your credit card details. And the good thing about it that it’s a real booking just in case somebody decides to check it.

How it works

Step 1. Go to, if for some reasons it opens in Russian change the language at the top left corner for English. First choose an original country (the one you need an exit ticket for) and a date. Then click “Search”.

Left top corner, language option. Book flights without paying
Left top corner, language option.  Book flights without paying

Step 2.  You’ll get a list of all possible flights. The first one will be the cheapest and the most convenient.

List of options for selected destination. Book a flight without paying
List of options for selected destination. Book flights without paying

Step 3. Go through the list and try to find the airlines that keep booking for the longest period (if it’s necessary) or just ones that keep booking (check the list of airlines below). Press “Choose”.

Choose a flight with an airline that keeps booking. Book flights without paying
Choose a flight with an airline that keeps booking. Book flights without paying

Step 4. Next you go to the personal data page. Fill the all required fields; make sure they are identical to those in your travel document. You can enter your phone number but if it’s not Russian number probably you won’t get any message. It’s not important anyway. Press “Next”.

Personal details page. Book a flight without paying
Personal details page. Book flights without paying.

Step 5. You go to “Additional service page”, we don’t need any insurance so just “untick” it and press “Confirm”.

"Untick" the insurance option. Book flights wothout paying
“Untick” the insurance option. Book flights without paying.

Step 6. Next page is for payment BUT we are not going to pay. Your flight is already booked. A booking code (PNR code) you can find under “Checkout of order”. At the bottom in a grey field you’ll see how much time your booking will be on hold. Depending on the airline it can be from 24 hours to 10 days.

Payment page, at the bottom time your booking will be on hold.
Payment page, at the bottom time your booking will be on hold.

Check your booking and print a ticket

After you made a booking you can go to one of these sites to see the confirmation of your flight. You’ll need the PNR code (6 digits) from your booking and the surname.

  • Checkmytrip;
  •  Viewtrip;
  •  Virtuallythere;
  •  Myairlines.

Enter your booking code and surname and you get a page with your flight with possible options to print it right from there or to save as a PDF file on your computer. If for some reasons PNR code doesn’t work try Access code, you can find it in your booking above PNR code, it’s usually 6 digits as well.

To print a ticket we use Checkmytrip, it usually works. From a laptop or computer it’s possible to save your ticket as a PDF file or print it from the website. On a tablet or phone it doesn’t give this option.

Your booking at Checkmytrip if you open from a phone/tablet
Your booking at Checkmytrip if you open it from a phone/tablet.
PDF file of a booking saved from Checkmytrip on the laptop.
PDF file of a booking saved from Checkmytrip on a laptop.

With most airlines you can check your booking on their official website and sometimes even print a ticket from there or save it as a PDF file. For this use the same PNR code and your surname.

List of Airlines you can book without paying

Not all airlines have an option of booking without payment, e.g. budget airlines usually don’t.

Here are some of the airlines:

  • Aeroflot booking up to 3 days;
  • AirBaltic booking up to 3 days;
  • AirBerlin booking up to 4 days
  • AirFrance up to 4 days;
  • Al Italia up to 24 hours;
  • American Airlines up to 32 hours;
  • Avianca up to 3 days;
  • Delta up to 3 days;
  • Europe Air up to 7 days;
  • Iberia up to 32 hours;
  • KLM up to 24 hours;
  • Lufthansa up to 10 days;
  • SAS up to 2 days;
  • TAP Portugal up to 10 days;
  • Turkish Airlines up to 10 days;
  • Qatar up to 10 days;
  • UIA up to 10 days.

* All indicated periods are maximum periods for the airlines; they can vary depending on your destination and dates.

Of course we haven’t checked all airlines just some of them you can check it by yourself on site.

Other booking sites

There is a similar free website that we have used successfully to make bookings without paying fees.

It works the same as the previous one but offers only three days on hold for all airlines. To put your booking on hold you need to enter a valid phone number to get a confirmation code.

Make your own ticket

If you are sure nobody is going to check whether your booking is real or not you can make your own ticket. We used fake tickets several times for land border crossing and for check-in at the airports and never had any problem. There are several sites for creating fake tickets, we usually use Return Flights, it’s easy and fast.

Before creating a fake ticket find a real flight that meets your requirements and copy all the details so your fake ticket looks as real as possible. For flight searching you can use for example Skyscanner or Google flights.

Form to fill to create your own ticket at
Form to fill to create your own ticket at

Once you know the details of a real flight fill all the required fields and click “Create ticket”. Make sure your flight is direct there are no fields for connections.

I wouldn’t use this option for applying for a visa since your ticket is fake.

NOTE! If you need an exit ticket to check in at the airport don’t make a fake ticket for the same airline you are flying with.

Book a flight through an agency

Booking for Visa is an online service you can use to make a flight reservation for a small fee. The bookings are real and verifiable and payments are secure.

If you want to have an official booking and don’t mind paying for it you can use an agency providing the flight booking service.

Sometimes booked train or bus ticket can be enough to show if you cross border overland.


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  • not working , it only gives a access code that only can be used in its website. does not give a reservation code now.

  • Having tried several of the recom’d carriers & flight confirm co’s, I’m hollering out to anyone who’s found a successful combo that actually works. Getting the 6-digit flight codes is easy. To get said codes to be recognized as valid PNRs is another story. Admins & readers, plz show me the way!

  • Hi pls i have a question. Pls answer asap. I had an itinary done for a visa to ghana from U.S.A at a travel agency can i use it to travel without being bordered at d airport? Will it be effective? It’s a fake round trip ticket. It says on d ticket im supposed to travel on d 25th of this month. Let me know b4 d date comes near. Thanks.

    • Hello Shade, when you fly to a country you need a booked flight showing that you are leaving the country again not only an itinerary. I would recommend that you go to the agency that drew up your itinerary and discuss this with them. Goodluck and safe travels.

    • Hi! We’ve used it to apply for Schengen visas but never for the US. As I know for US visa they ask not to book tickets before you get your visa, maybe it’s different for your country?

  • Thanks for the tip! For some reason,’s code was not recognized by any of the sites where you can usually see your reservation, but Turkish Airlines worked. I’ve used Iberia in the past, but this time around, they did not have flights to my destination.

    • Hi, Elena! We used Turkish once as well their booking doesn’t look as nice as we used to get from CheckMyTrip but better than nothing.
      We’re trying to find other ways of booking without paying, hopefully something will pop up soon.

      • Hi! I really appreciate your help. I need to book a flight from Bangkok to Singapore, then Singapore to Phuket. But is not working anymore 🙁
        Would you mind giving me any other option?

        • Hi, Andres! Unfortunately we don’t know any new site that you can book a ticket without paying. We’re trying to find different way but haven’t succeeded yet.
          Good luck!

    • For me it works on the website, free ticket holding, phone number verification, and I got the PNR number.
      I printed it from CheckMyTrip it worked quite good !

    • Hi, Ronel! Totally agree with you we’ve been using for years and it always worked perfect but not anymore. Hopefully we’ll find another way to make a booking without paying!

  • seems to be completely down.. don’t know what to do now… it used to work perfectly until recently.. no more code..even as a registred user on their website, for a while they were hiding it under (top right corner) “personal account” section, there you would see the Locator column with your PNR code, but unfortuntely it’s blank now… Any suggestions what to do? where to get the ticket now? Flying Singapore Manila…

    • Hi, Richard! We’re very upset as well we always used this way to book exit tickets. Now we’ll try to find smth else.

    • Hi, Junaid! doesn’t work anymore you can try to book through Turkish airlines on their website they keep booking on hold without payment for 3-4 day. Their ticket doesn’t look the nice but it’s better than nothing.
      Good luck!

      • hi ive tried to book via but i cant seem to get the pnr? any other website which i can book and i cn get pnr? and ive tried turkish airways too i cant seem to find the booking without payment button….

    • Hi, Bial! Thank you for the question! Last days there were some problem with website looks like they are busy updating it, probably that’s why it doesn’t give PNR code anymore. You can try to book with Tukish airlines directly on their website they have a booking without payment option as well, they hold it for 2 or 3 days, the period can vary.

    • Just did a booking for a flight but they still not providing a PNR number unfortunately.
      Was with Thai airways.
      Checkmyflight shows the booking but no PRN number to view it on Thai airways itself.

      Will a bus ticker be enough as proof of onward travel out of Thailand?

  • Hi! I tried to make a dummy ticket today but it seems that the website is not giving any PNR anymore. I tried Royal Jordanian and Lufthansa and getting the same result. Is it just me or anybody else experiencing this?

  • Hi! This is really helpful! Thank you so much! I just have few questions. First, Is there any other website where we can print the ticket because the checkmytrip printout doesn’t really look good. Second, how can I make the salutation for single women to Miss because whenever you select female, it’s automatically making it Mrs. Hoping for your response and again a big Thanks!

    • Hi, Michael! Thank you for the question! There is no other way to print a ticket. Checkmytrip tickets used to be different and looked more like a normal tickets but they changed it recently. I used a ticket from checkmytrip recently to apply for a visa and it was accepted. About Mrs and Ms is a Russian website an English version is just a translation that’s why you get only male/female option, there is no way to change it. Hope it still will be useful for you!

  • Hi, i got a plan to buy one way ticket and stay in my destination for continue my language course there, and fyi i already own my residence permit card with tourist type but it is more longer than visa.
    Does it works for a return ticket just in case if on my departure day, the airlines staff asking about the return ticket?
    I just worry about this because usually my country little bit hard about one way ticket procedure.
    But important is i already have my residence permit card in my destination country.
    What should i do? Please help
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hello, Nissa! Thank you for your question! If you have a residence permit for a country of your destination it should be ok if you have only one way ticket. But we’d suggest to book an exit ticket just in case, it won’t cost you any money and you’ll feel less worried. Good luck!

      • So, you mean i should book an exit ticket with your rules you have mention above, right?
        Does airlines staff always check out about ticket which one is paid which one is not yet paid? I am scared if the staff caught me about showing not yet paid ticket, i mean maybe i could be caught in trouble or something.
        Anyway thanks for your answer, i am now waiting your answer again 🙂

        • Nissa, we don’t mean you should book a ticket with our “rules” this post’s purpose is to help people to book a ticket without paying! We don’t get any profit from people using our method. It’s up to you to book or buy an exit ticket or not and how to book your ticket. If you decide to book it just book with a different airlines (not the one you’re flying to) than they won’t be able to check if it’s paid or not. We always do it and never had any problem. We use it even for visa applications and it always worked. Good luck!

  • I followed all the steps, checked it on Checkmytrips, printed it. However, I still cannot find it on the Turkish Airlines official website. It says”No reservation record can be found.” Do I have to wait for some time?
    And, if I don’t get it, can I still use this printed form from Checkmytrip to present it to the embassy?

    • Hello, Slad! It sometimes happens that you can’t find your booking with a number you get from some airlines have their own booking numbers. I always use confirmation from CheckMyTrip to apply for visas and never had any problem. But it depends on the embassy, I used it for Europe, South Africa quite a few times. Never tried with USA, Australia or Canada. Anyway on bookings without payment from Turkish air site it says “must be paid till…” and you can’t get a PDF file for such bookings it’s only an e-mail. I think a print from CheckMyTrip looks better. Cheers!

  • This is the best post I’ve read today! I’ve always bought return tickets to and never used them (lost so much money)!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Hello, April! Thank you very much! Return tickets are always a pain never know when somebody will decide to check it so it’s better to have one always when you enter a new country, just in case)

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the advice, very useful.
    I just booked a flight on with Qatar airways, however I have no PNR code, only an accessory code. And when after checking it with check mytrip, it just shows my itinerary, no booking code… If you have any solution or answer, thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hello, Andrea! Thank you!
      We’ve never had this problem after booking on you usually get both codes maybe it’s something to do with Qatar air itself. But if you still can find and print your itinerary through checkmytrip just print it. If you want to have a booking code try different airlines, don’t know where you’re flying but you can try Turkish air, some european airlines or Emirates. We booked yesterday a flight with Turkish to Istanbul through and we got PNR code and could print our ticket.
      Good luck!

  • Hello, 🙂
    I was wondering if I need to cancel the trip or does it get cancelled on its own afer the expiring days.
    Genta 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply.
    It worked perfect i did it last year many times. I need to apply for the visa next month.
    You think that now this method doesn’t work same as before?
    checkmytrip still can see reservation info but looks weak to show embassy.
    I want to know what you think

    • Hi, Koji! I checked just now if you open CheckMyTrip on your laptop and enter your booking details (you have to log in first) in the top right corner you’ll see three dots if you click on them you get a drop down menu with Print option. I can’t print anything right now so don’t know how it will look but you can try. Hope it works for you!
      Good luck!

  • Hi, and thanks for the precious tips…!

    I have followed your instructions – made my booking through and registered it on Checkmytrip.

    However, I do not find any option to save my itinerary in pdf format… could you let me know where is that option displayed (browsing from a laptop)?
    Or has the option been removed by the website?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello! Thank you! We checked they changed the website completely two days ago. I used it for my ticket on March 28 and it worked perfect! Now in FAQ section it says you can’t print or save PDF from the site. The only thing you can do for now is to take a screenshots and save it on our phone as a proof of your ticket. Now we’re trying to find a different website that is possible to use instead of CheckMyTrip but it’ll take some time. We’re very sorry about this situation it was a very easy and convenient way of booking ticket.
      Good luck!

      • I understand… do you think it’s going to work? I have to present a ticket to Immigration office for a visa renewal

      • Thanks for the info
        I found that checkmytrip doesn’t work like before so i searched and came here.
        Did you find any other good looking site?
        checkmytrip still can see flight reservation but not good looking like before.

        • Hi, Koji!
          We’re currently working on the article trying to find new way of booking flights without paying. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s done!

      • I booked through with Lufthansa. I couldn’t get it on checkmytrip so I went directly to Lufthansa website and I could check my ticket and there was option to print as well. Since most of the airline companies have their own website, it would be easier to just go to their website and get the printout. 🙂

        • Hello, Veer! Thank you for the comment! It’s true that some airlines show your booking but e.g. Emirates doesn’t have an option to print a ticket if it’s not paid, with some airlines e.g. Turkish you can print your ticket but it says on the ticket that you still have to pay for it. CheckMyTrip gives you a standart ticket. Thank you we don’t fly with Lufthansa we didn’t know you can book a ticket through Agent and print it from Lufthansa website. I’ll add it to our article.

  • Hi there!
    Just went through with everything to the payment part and tried all the different websites and the airlines website and it won’t come up with anything. I’ve tried both pnr and access codes? Only thing I can think of is it takes awhile for it to go through?

    • Hello, Karlee! Usually you can see your booking on CheckMyTrip immediately after you finished. What was the airline and destination you tried to book? When you got to payment page did you see at the end how many days your booking will be on hold without payment?

  • Great tip. I just recommended the site to our guests who need to apply for a Thailand tourist visa and have to have flight booking to do it. Saved them a lot of hassle.

    • Hi, Ian! Thank you for reading and recommending our blog! We’re glad it was helpful for your clients!

  • You’ve saved my life! 🙂 Just one question: it’s necessary to cancel the booking in website or it’s automatically cancelled if you don’ pay in the specified time? They don’t charge you fees in any case, right?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hello, Marta! We are glad our post’s helped you! If you didn’t enter your credit card details (which we hope you didn’t) they won’t be able to charge you anything and the booking will be cancelled automatically. Good luck!

      • Hey! Thanks for the quick response! 🙂 Just after sending my comment I realised how stupid it was, because I never entered my payment details. Shame on me!

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