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Dive Cape Town South Africa

Dive Cape Town. I have been traveling around the world as an dive instructor for about 5 years. The most common diving questions about South Africa have been; have you done cage diving? and have you dived in the sardine run? Amazing experiences… Read the rest

Let my husband get off!

We went to Agra from Delhi to see the Taj Mahal, the modern wonder of the world just two days before our flight to Kathmandu. To be honest Agra is a real dump! Everything from our hostel with bed bugs to dirty streets of the city and very annoying vendors… Read the rest

Perito Moreno backpacker’s guide

Perito Moreno is the biggest in the world glacier accessible by land and one of the must see things in Argentina. The size of it is quite impressive; 250 km2 ice formation and 30 km in length. Many tourists after exploring wild Patagonia get… Read the rest

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About Us

Alya (Russia) and Campbell (South Africa) met staying in the same dormitory in the Philippines in 2014, more than two years on the road, diving, trekking, hitchhiking, camping and challenging ourselves while spending as little money possible. Read more about us

Our Journey Map

Interactive map of our travels!