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After an amazing week of diving in Komodo National Park with mantas and sharks, seeing Komodo Dragons and plenty of long bus and ferry rides we are back on Nusa Penida, an island near Bali. The diving at Komodo was unreal, truly world… Read the rest

Diving Pulau Weh, Sumatra Indonesia

Diving Pulau Weh. Our plan for the next couple of months is to explore some the best dive sites in Indonesia. We are currently in Pulau Weh is a small tropical island at the northern tip of Sumatra. The beaches are small and since bikinis and board… Read the rest

Bangkok beyond the Khao San road!

Bangkok off the beaten track 

We hardly know anyone who hasn’t been to Thailand. In the beginning I was quite skeptic about Thailand in general, after years of traveling the last place you want to go is one of the most touristy countries… Read the rest

Capsule hotels pros and cons

Capsule hotels and sleeping boxes 

The concept of capsule hotel/bed was developed in Osaka in 1979. As you know land in Japanese cities is crazy expensive, prices for sq.m in the city center start from 2500$ in Osaka and from 3000$ in Tokyo. Read the rest

Diving Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Diving Perhentian. Diving off the Perhentian islands are good with about 20 dive sites within the  surrounding archipelago accessible by small boat. The reefs are beautiful and rich in marine life.

The Perhentian Islands lie approximately… Read the rest

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Alya (Russia) and Campbell (South Africa) met staying in the same dormitory in the Philippines in 2014, more than two years on the road, diving, trekking, hitchhiking, camping and challenging ourselves while spending as little money possible. Read more about us