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Hitchhiking Carretera Austral

Carretera Austral – legendary Southern road is an adventure on its own, without even having in mind dozens of National parks you can visit along the way. This part of our 13 months trip through Latin America became our favorite and brought… Read the rest


I’ve experienced a few  unreal waterfalls during the last couple of year’s traveling, but nothing as spectacular as Iguazu. This is one of the most beautiful natural wonders I’ve ever seen and something not … Read the rest

Backpacking in Venezuela

Venezuela, the myths and what we really experienced traveling here for a month.  What do things cost, crime, corruption, free petrol, empty shops and annoying police. Trekking around Mount Roraima, one of the most beautiful places we have… Read the rest

Siete Tazas, a secret paradise

Siete Tazas – a secret place to go in Chile

If you like camping, hiking, being in the wild and observing the nature you should definitely go to Siete Tazas. We didn’t know about this place, it is not very famous outside Chile, luckily in… Read the rest




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Alya (Russia) and Campbell (South Africa) met staying in the same dormitory in the Philippines in 2014, more than two years on the road, diving, trekking, hitchhiking, camping and challenging ourselves while spending as little money possible. Read more about us